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In this technologically advanced world, every human being is mandated to have basic computer knowledge. But there are lot of people who have not been lucky enough to get the opportunity to learn the basics of computers.

The computer industry has grown to a very large extent and is still growing at a very fast pace. Every second, there is a new technology being developed, new inventions and improvements made to the existing technologies etc. We really need to be very competent enough to race with this pace of advancement that is happening in this field.

With this type of growth, it would be very embarassing to even admit or present oneself as a computer illiterate and ask someone about the basics of computers. This website which deals primarily with computer basics for beginners is dedicated to those who are new to computers so that they can feel free to learn computer basics here and become comfortable.

What are the Features?

This site has been designed with the following features, in order to make it the most useful.

  • It contains the minutest information with respect to the basics of computers.
  • Simple language has been used to make it understandable to the common man.
  • Practical aspects have been explained with appropriate sample screenshots.
  • Good look and feel
  • Rich content
  • Continuous and regular updates

Moreover, the topics covered have been chosen very meticulously to cover the subject in an orderly manner, starting from the basics. Some of the topics might be very basic in nature but every effort has been taken to understand and address the needs of the people who rely on this website for getting to know the basics of computers.

How do you benefit?

By reading the content delivered through this website, you would be able to acquire knowledge about the basics of computers which is, of course, the ultimate aim for which this website has been developed. You can use it with ease, as it has been designed to be very user-friendly. Also, you can send in your comments and feedback to the webmaster about any article any time, which in turn will help us to improve the quality of the content as well as the presentation.

Acquiring knowledge about the basics of computers will automatically improve your confidence and in turn self esteem as well. This will also initiate and increase your interest in the subject and make you look for more advanced topics in due course. We assure you that we would be able to support you once you reach this level.

You can contribute too !!

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